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Driving An Electric Car In Calgary


Is It Reasonable To Drive An Electric Car In Calgary?

The number of charge stations and dealerships makes it more than possible to drive an electric car in Calgary.

In the past, electric cars were very limited in what they could do because of technology. They had a very limited range and there was rarely any charge stations on highways. They lacked power and reliability which made it hard for people to take the plunge.

Today it has all changed. Electric cars have taken such a leap it’s not only reasonable but some could argue it’s almost the obvious choice.

You now have range capability that can easily last you a day or two of normal city driving.

As well as with the aid of Supercharger stations in between major cities you can easily take your electric car on long road trips without having to worry about stopping for half a day to recharge.

In the future, we can only imagine what the capabilities will be!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Driving an Electric Car in Calgary

Driving an electric car in Calgary compared to other cities can be different. It comes with setbacks you may not have thought of.

Here Are Some Advantages:
  • The overall cost of owning an electric car is very low. You don’t pay for gas, oil changes, or a lot of other general maintenance items on regular gasoline engines. Even brakes can last the life of the car due to regenerative braking. Which is when the engine runs in reverse and uses the energy like a generator while also slowing the vehicle down.
  • The battery of an electric
    Photo Taken By Oregon Dept. Of Transportation https://www.flickr.com/photos/oregondot/

    car could be an advantage or a disadvantage. They’re very expensive however they can also last the life of the car and are usually protected under manufacturers warranty.

  •  Even tho you lose a bit of range driving on a cold winter day it’s usually a range loss of about 100km out of 350 km. Which means you’re still left with 250km to drive in the worst case scenario. More than enough for a daily commute. Check out Tesla’s range calculator to see just how capable they are!


  • Charging would be the main downfall in driving an electric car in Calgary. It can take up to 4-5 hours to get a full charge while at home. Which is a lot longer than the typical 5 minute stop at the gas station
  • While on a road trip this can be a huge disadvantage causing multiple long stops. However, Tesla has created supercharger stations across the world and they are continually expanding. Here’s a map to see where they are all located.
  • The price is also a bit high compared to other gasoline engines. For example, even the most affordable Tesla Model 3 is $45,000 CAD. A bit pricey comparing it to a brand new Honda Accord which can run as low as $20,000 CAD.

Is the future electric?

The quick answer Yes.

However, it won’t be awhile until electric becomes the obvious choice. The price tag even though it’s been lowered is still a bit pricey. And since the average Canadian driver spends $1510 on gas every year it will be awhile until driving an electric car really pays off.

But it’s still amazing to see how far electric cars have come. From being something we only saw in movies, to now finally staring in amazement as a Tesla silently drives by while you wonder what the future could possibly have in store for us.

Until next time,

Enjoy the drive!

-Mobile Lube 🙂



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  1. Every thing has both advantages and dis advantages. But the main advantage in using the EVs is that it doesn’t emits poisoning gases as that of other diesel cars. Cars use hydrocarbon fuels emits large amount of poisoning gases which are responsible for global warming. Hence these cars should be replaced with the Eco-friendly EVs.

  2. The idea of electric cars is great ! But Yes, we all have to agree that it does have some disadvantages as well. It can be sometimes tough to charge it again and again. It any of its auto parts like car bumper, car door, car brakes get damaged, then it would cost a lot to get them repaired.
    Nice article 🙂

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